International training center (ITC)

  • Selection, preparation and training of resources are performed at the Gridin's Group’s International Training Centre (GG ITC), specifically founded for that purpose.

    The International Training Center (ITC) has been accredited by the respective state authorities and offers training programmes, which are not only licensed by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Lithuania, but also are compliant with the requirements of the standards issued by international certification companies.

    All technical consultants, teachers and instructors, employed at the ITC, are true experts in their respective areas – their qualifications are confirmed by evidenced by different international diplomas and certificates.

    Training is conducted in three languages - Russian, English and Lithuanian.

    All training facilities and structures were designed and built in observance of different industrial requirements and international standards.

    The International Training Center (ITC) offers the following services:

    • Possibility to learn a new profession.
    • Training, assessment and issuance of documents evidencing the specialists' qualification.
    • Checking the theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and identification of the level of specialists' professional readiness.
    • Training, assessment and issuance of documents confirming specialists' qualification
    • Checking theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and identifying level of specialists' professional competence
    • Development of specialists' qualifications
    • Testing and certification of specialists
    • Training in occupational health and working safety equipment in accordance with requirements of the respective
    • speciality
    • Informal training.

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