Our company offers the services of maintenance, installation, commissioning and upgrading of mobile networks at the customers' sites.

At present, we offer the following services in the area of telecommunications:

  • Installation of steel structures (frameworks, cases, pipes, etc.) on masts and towers of different types.
  • Installation of all types of antennas (panel, radio relay, Jagi, etc.), including swapping with subsequent adjustment and centring.
  • Placing all types of feeders and cables in accordance with the applicable standards and the customer's requirements.
  • Placing and tuning special equipment (combiners, TMA, etc.) on towers and masts.
  • Disassembly of feeders and equipment from towers and masts.
  • Testing the equipment and quality of installation with the SiteMaster.
  • PIM Master testing.
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation for installation and tuning of equipment in accordance with customer's / project requirements.
  • Site surveys along preparation of respective documentation in accordance with the task and requirements.
  • Installation, alignment, adjustment and configuration of radio relay links (MW).
  • Installation of other data transmission equipment.
  • Installation, checking and configuration of site power supply systems.
  • Installation and configuration of alarm signalling at sites.
  • Installation of BTS produced by different manufacturers.

Not only do we select personnel, but we also fully perform the following functions:

  • Conducting training and assessment of the qualification of candidates based on the customer's requirements.
  • Managing the personnel involved in the project.
  • Periodical assessment of the personnel's qualifications, training and qualification development.
  • Project administration and coordination.

Detailed presentation of training of cellular telecommunication antenna fitters (PDF)