Gridin’s Group Has Started a Special Shipbuilding Project

Gridin’s Group has begun assembly works on a 34 m passenger ferry under unusual and unique conditions – in one of the British national parks inscribed onto the UNESCO’s World Heritage list – by Windermere lake.

This will be a diesel-electric ferry offering a four-star comfort with the capacity of up to 300 passengers. Vessel assembly at such an exceptional location was due to unique natural conditions of the region, which impose limitations on access by equipment. This choice aims at minimizing any impact on this protected and ecologically sensitive site, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage object. Assembly of the vessel from its individual parts will take place right at the lakeside, whereafter the ferry will be launched by using a special equipment. This is a one-of-a-kind method proving that in shipbuilding we know no boundaries. Born at the lakeshore, throughout its entire life this ferry will navigate the lake and most likely finish its life at that same place,” stated Lina Ambrazaitiene, Managing Director of Gridin’s Group LT. “A major professional challenge to overcome was organization of work in such an unusual environment - in the parking lot of the national park where we have to work by adapting to the vacationers’ pace of life and complying with the discipline and noise restrictions. We have been cooperating with the Client of this project for many years on various projects; however, this is the first time we have to fulfil such an exceptional order. This new and extremely useful experience enables us to feel strong and prepare for new challenges.”


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