Gridin’s Group telecommunication engineers gather the experience and forecast the development of activities

Gridin’s Group is successfully developing telecommunication mobile networks maintenance, installation, commissioning in the customer’s worksites since 2014. The experience gained within the years of activities and the trust of the customers allowed to get into the market and expect future development.

Lina Milasauskiene, the director of Telecommunication Services company, AG Technologies Ltd, shares the opinion: “We are proud that our telecommunication engineers successfully continue operations started in 2017. Over the last year, we managed not only to increase the number of completed worksites in the UK, but also gained the new experience in tower development activities such as installation of new telecommunication tower and equipment, the installation of tower base and construction the telecommunication tower from the scratch. This is absolutely new and useful experience allowing us to feel assured and be prepared for the new challenges in the market.”

AG Technologies Ltd is the part of Gridin's Group, which since 1999 has been developing a comprehensive range of industrial projects management and implementation services around the world. Group companies specialize in the manufacturing of metal constructions, shipbuilding and ship repair, offshore/onshore, oil and gas, renewable energy, nuclear energy and other industries.


Integrated management and execution of various industrial projects