Beginnings – in innovations

The story of the company starts in 1999 when Aleksandr Gridin, along with his associates who were already experienced in ship repair and rope access, offered to use the method of rope access in ship inspection work.
In the course of performing the very first orders, it became obvious that the utilisation of this method for work had a promising future.
Soon after, this method of inspection work (rope access) was endorsed by classification societies. In 2004, a separate company specialising in the implementation of this type of inspection work was established.
Original and rational technical solutions were highly appreciated by clients and this served as a good recommendation for the company in its further activity.

2002 – the first steps in ship repairing

By 2002, the sphere of the company’s activities had expanded.
Apart from elevated work, the company began providing complex shipbuilding services.
Not having its own ship repair facilities, the company initially began to provide qualitative ship repair work within the Baltic States, and soon after entered the West European markets.
Conditions resulting from tough competition and their responsibility to clients demanded special competencies and team spirit from the group.
The experience and positive references on the part of the clients acquired in the formative years became an incentive for further development.

2005 – a breakthrough in shipbuilding

ShipbuildingThe first foreign order was received from Finland in 2005. Its successful implementation not only allowed the company to rise to a higher level in the quality of its ship repair work, but to also assay its abilities in a new sphere of activity – shipbuilding.
The high quality of work, along with positive references and recommendations, opened opportunities for the expansion of the company’s activities in other locations.
Orders for the execution of work at industrial facilities in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Great Britain, etc. began coming in.

2006 – International Training Center


Rope access intensively developed in parallel with the expansion of the services market in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair.
In 2006, a decision was adopted on the establishment of a private Gridin‘s Group educational center for training and education in specialities that there was a shortage of.
Over the course of time, the educational center acquired the status of an International Training Center (ITC), which cannot be underestimated, as it now offers a wide range of training programs for all newcomers to acquire a new profession or for those more experienced to improve their existing qualifications.

Geography of service provision

By the end of the first decade of its activities, the geography of Gridin’s Group services in the areas of shipbuilding, ship repair, rope access and non-destructive inspection had expanded to almost all the continents.

2010 – alternative course

Wind power plants maintenanceThe global economic crisis drove the company management to search for and expand into alternative types of activities, and as a result, the company started providing services for structures involved in wind power engineering and other industrial constructions. It has solidified its positions and has continued to develop its activities in the offshore sector.

Integrated management and execution of various industrial projects