Innovation has been one of the exclusive competences characteristic of the company’s activities since its formation. While performing their activities, our experts often face certain situations that require the application of a non-traditional and rational approach to technical solutions. These solutions are then worked out in detail and transformed into innovative solutions.

The main innovative solutions of the Gridin’s Group are as follows:

Suspended platforms GG-SPAN Comfort Podium
  • Suspended platforms (GG-SPAN “COMFORT PODIUM”) At the beginning of 2013, and at the premises of Gridin's Group International Training Centre, a workgroup consisting of design engineers and rope access technicians was created. The workgroup was given the task of creating a lightweight structure which would allow for minimizing cost and time when carrying out various operations at height. As a result, the workgroup designed auxiliary steel structures, calculated their loads and developed work drawings for them.
    Several prototype models of suspended platforms have already been manufactured. They are undergoing the necessary tests and will be soon be used in industrial projects.
Thermovision - thermic method of defect detection
  • Thermovision The thermovision method of defect detection is based on measuring the temperature difference of a component by using a high-sensitivity infrared camera. Due to the increase in the component’s temperature, energy conversion occurs in structural defects. Its readings provide valuable diagnostic information.
    Gridin's Group specialists, in cooperation with experts from the MONIT SHM company, have developed a technology for the application of this type of inspection for detecting defects in the structure of wind turbine blades. In addition, thermovision may be used for the inspection of blade repair quality.
Standard of quality and safety when performing work at height IQSA
  • IQSA standard Standard IQSA "The standard of quality and safety when performing work at height using rope access" (IQSA) is used for organizing and carrying out work at height to ensure safety in industrial plants . Standard establishes a uniform procedure for the organization and method of work rope access in various industries . The basis of the standard laid down requirements of the European legislation and 14 years of experience in companies. This standard is an internal standard for companies Gridin's Group. (see details

Integrated management and execution of various industrial projects