Membership in associations

Lithuanian Employers' Confederation

The  Lithuanian Employers' Confederation consolidates the businessmen of Lithuania . The main objectives of the Lithuanian  Employers' Confederation is consolidation of Lithuanian businessmen with the aim of expressing, representing and ensuring  their legitimate interests,  analysis and assessment of the  business situation in Lithuania, etc.


Klaipeda Industrialists Association

The Klaipeda Industrialists Association joins together 78 industrial companies in the Klaipeda Area.


Industrial Rope Access Trade Association

Industrial Rope Access Trade Association since 2005
The association assists in preserving and supporting high standards and requirements for safety, quality and working skills for rope access. It provides continuous improvement in all the education and preparation aspects of rope-access specialists.
The Gridin's Group is the only company within the post-Soviet space which became a full member, operator and trainer of the IRATA.


Association of Lithuanian Shipbuilders and Ship Repairers

Association of Lithuanian Shipbuilders and Ship Repairers since 2003
The main tasks of the association are to coordinate the activities of enterprises and members of the association for the solution of common tasks, and to represent and defend the interests delegated by members in institutions of the Republic of Lithuania, including those of international organizations.

Integrated management and execution of various industrial projects